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Ten Years On

26 April 2018 By John Ironmonger
I noticed today that it is more than 10 years since I created this website and started to document my family. I am not sure where that 10 years has gone.

I have met a number of family members that I would never have known from people finding information about their family on my website and contacting me. Family from other parts of Australia, the UK and the USA have taken the time to reach out to me and I am very happy to have been able to meet a number of them.

I have been wondering if there is any interest out there for family members to use my website to record and publish their family history. While the site was created with the expectation that I and a couple of close relations would do the management and updating, it would seem that I would gather a lot more information faster if others had the ability to enter updates as well.

If you have any interest in using my website to publish your part of the family please let me know using the Contact button above. If there are a few people interested I might make the update screens a little more robust and offer access to others.

15 January 2019
by Ed Zamarin Baltimore, MD
RE: Ten Years On

Am owner/in possession of the book IRONMONGER AND CONNECTIONS UPDATED - Iremonger - Ironmonger, 1972 Hardback by Mrs. Elizabeth Hogg Ironmonger, Seaford, VA.. We regularly sell books on Amazon or eBay. 572pps. coat of arms pictured. Wish to sell - write for details zamarine@aol.com. or 443-257-6530
sane price.
19 November 2018
by Patricia D Boardman
RE: Ten Years On

I am interested in learning more about my Ironmonger family and working on tracing it back to Anglo Saxon times. My line is Samuel Ironmonger (died 1625) who married Ms. Lawson.

Best regards,

5 August 2018
by Madonna Cullinan
RE: Ten Years On

Hi John!
How are you?! Miss you! Hope you and Kathy are going great over there. I hardly log into my ancestry and did this arvo. NOticed a friendly message from a person called Geoffrey whom I'd contacted about a pic on his tree. Anyway he quoted your website as source of a death certificate and I thought I wld just have a look atyour site again . Then read this...so yes, I wld be more than happy to publish my part of our tree on your tree if you end up doing this :) talk soon, Madonna x

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