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1 February 2009 By John
Looking for any and all Ironmonger Family History. There is a website at familytree.ironmonger.com that is collecting information about The Ironmonger surname and family genealogy. Please use the contact button on the left or leave a response to this message if you have any information.

16 March 2020
by Invited
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Check here, min 2:57, Confederate Veterans Convention of 1914. There's a small clip of F. M. Ironmonger as the youngest soldier on the Confederate army. https://www.wdl.org/es/item/4051/#item_type=motion-picture
4 February 2020
by John Ironmonger
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Hi Charlotte Glad to hear from you. As you can see your daughter has responded here as well. I have not been able to find a documented connection between your branch of the family and mine at this time. You never know what might turn up though..
4 February 2020
by Charlotte Ironmonger
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am the widow of Frank McCready Ironmonger III who passed away 4/2018. His father was Frank McCready Ironmonger jr - son of Frank McCready Ironmonger who was the youngest soldier in the Confederate Army. My husband and I have one daughter named Susan Jennifer Ironmonger who is now 39 yrs of age and practices law in Jacksonville Florida..
4 March 2019
by John
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Hello David

I have not had much success connecting to Ironmongers in the USA at this time. While I live in the USA today I am originally from Australia and most of my known ancestors are from England.

I will keep an eye out and let you know if I find anything.

3 March 2019
by David R. Hume
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Have been searching for a college pal who was a jazz drummer, "Clark Ironmonger", U. of Fla., late 1950's.... Any connection?
23 April 2018
by Susan Jennifer Ironmonger
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am the great great granddaughter of Frank McCready Ironmonger. My dad, Frank McCready Ironmonger,III was the last living Frank McCready Ironmonger. He passed away at the age of 69 on April 18, 2018. He is to be buried in the family plot at Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville, Florida.
17 February 2017
by Linda ironmonger
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am the daughter of samuel Ironmonger born nradford 1927 His dad was Herbert and mum Annie
2 July 2016
by Melanie Robertson Shebalin
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am descended form Thomas Ironmonger who first appears in records fro the Eastern Shore, VA in the early 1600s. Some eventually settled in Crab Neck (now Poqouson), VA. Ironmongers are still there and many are buried in the local Methodist Church cemetery.
9 December 2015
by RE: Ironmonger Family History - Charlotte Ironmonger
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am the wife of Frank McCready Ironmonger III who is the last Frank M Ironmonger still living. We live in Jacksonville Florida and have one daughter Susan Jennifer Ironmonger Hall. My father in law Frank M Ironmonger passed away in 1988 and was the Grandson to the Col Frank M Ironmonger. Our daughter has a law degree from FSU and the law professors were delighted to meet a true Ironmonger. I love the history to the name and the heritage for what the name Ironmonger stands for!
17 August 2015
by Anne Sline
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Lorraine, I have been trying to reach your branch of the family and get more information for a few years. Maybe we can be successful this time. My name is Anne Clark Sline. My father was Ross L. Clark Jr.. My mother was Anna Ruth Clark. My father's mother was Lorrine Ironmonger Clark and her husband was Ross L. Clark Sr. My great grandfather was Frank McCready Ironmonger. Email me at middled2@hotmail.com and family tree for subject so I will not delete it because I do not know who you are if you want to get in touch with me.
9 August 2015
by Lorraine lyn klingensmith juarez
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Grandfather was Ross Clark, grandmother Lorraine Clark. Uncle Ross Clark aunt Anne Ruth , aunt June
21 December 2013
by Anne Sline
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Hello Anriana,
I am Ross L. Clark Jr.'s daughter. His mother's name was Lorriane Ironmonger Clark and her father's name was Frank M. Ironmonger. He was the youngest civil war soldier during the civil war. I have a family tree going on ancestry and FM Ironmonger's mother is buried in Portsmouth, VA.

Anne Sline
19 September 2013
by Adriana Juarez
RE: Ironmonger Family History

i am the Great Great Great granddaughter of F.M. Ironmonger. my mother is lorriane klingensmith, daughter of Lyndle (lyn) Clark, daughter of Ross Clark. Any info would be much appreciated as my son is doing a GENEOLOGY project.
8 March 2012
by Anne Sline
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Susan and Lyndie,

I am Lorraine I Clark's granddaughter. I found a picture of Uncle Frank, Great Grandmother Susie and Lorraine Clark (my grandmother) in my family pictures. I also found pictures of June and Lyndie my father's sister also. Email me at seafood72@cavtel.net if you want to trade info and family pictures.

Anne Sline
7 March 2012
by Anne Clark Sline
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am a descend from Ross L. Clark Jr. My grandmother was June Lorraine Ironmonger Clark. I have a brother Ross L Clark III and a sister Lydia Conway Clark Sells. My mother Anna Ruth Clark died on September 30th, 2011 and was buried next to my father in Savannah. I look forward to hearing from you. I have 3 children one boy dead and 2 girls. Will tell more when hear from you.

Anne Sline
7 August 2011
by Dot Moore
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am a descendant of Mary Ironmonger, born in 1670 and died May 2, 1693. She was married to Samuell Alasabrook. At least, some descendants (ME) finally settled in Heard County, Georgia.
3 August 2010
by Denise
Ironmonger Family History

Does anyone have any information on Richard Ironmonger, who died around 1830 and left his estate to his natural daughter, Jane Taylor, who took the name Jane Irvin.? Does anyone know why she took the name Jane Irvin?
6 July 2010
by Lyndle Eaton Smith
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am the great grand daughter of Frank M. Ironmonger and Susan Ironmonger. They had five children, one of which was Lorraine Ironmonger, my grandmother, who married Ross L. Clark. They had three children, June Lorraine Clark, who was my mother, Lyndle Clark and Ross L. Clark, Jr. My mother's sister, Lyndle, married Del Klingensmith. They had several children, a boy and girl who were twins and the other I think was a boy. Her brother Ross L. Clark, Jr married Anna Ruth and they had three children, two girls and a boy. I look forward to hearing from any of you to see if we are related.
14 June 2010
by Michael Klingensmith
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I'm the great grandson of Francis M. Ironmonger. My wife and I gave our first daughter the middle name of Francis since it's a traditional family name on both sides.
12 May 2010
RE: Ironmonger Family History

Watch the end of this clip for an Ironmonger:

25 April 2010
by jessie petermann leonard
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I descend from 2 Ironmonger lines. "my" Ironmonger,Dillard and Major lines intermarried ,even back into England in 1600 hundreds.. Would like to join a n Ironmonger organization. Jessie Leonard
5 October 2009
by Susan Ironmonger Murray
RE: Ironmonger Family History

I am the great granddaughter of Frank McCready Ironmonger who was documented as the youngest soldier in the Confederate Army. My brother is the last Frank M Ironmonger

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