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Looking for information on Matthew Ironmonger Abt 1839 - 1905

27 January 2009 By Sally
I am looking for information on Matthew Ironmonger. Died in Corby, Northampshire, England in 1905. Married to Emma and father of William Ironmonger, born 1868 in Oxfordshire England. Please use the contact button on the left or leave a response to this message if you have information you want to share.

8 February 2009
by John
RE: Children of Matthew Ironmonger Abt 1838

Children of Matthew Ironmonger from Census data

John T Ironmonger About 1866
William Ironmonger About 1868
Arthur Ironmonger About 1870
Matthew Ironmonger About 1873
Harry Ironmonger About 1875
Charles H (1881) James H (1891) Herbert (1901) Ironmonger About 1877
Emma E (1881) Ironmonger About 1880
Helen (1891) Ellen (1901) Ironmonger About 1887
29 January 2009
by John
RE: Looking for information on Matthew Ironmonger Abt 1838

I have information from the 1901, 1891, 1881 and 1871 UK census data that is available online. Matthew seems to have used the name Charles at times and the census is not consistent with the birth place.

Census seems relatively consistent with birth date in about 1838, 39 or 41.

Interesting that the oldest son does not show up in the 1871 and 1881 census but pops up in the 1891 census as an 25 year old.

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