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18 August 2010 By John Ironmonger
I would like to thank those people that have taken a look at this site and specially those that have left messages.

While there is not a lot of site traffic at this point, I am sure you have heard that the longest journey starts with a single step.

To those people doing genealogy on the Ironmonger name, I am more than happy to publish your information here. As you can see, my Ironmonger family is mostly in Australia and descends from England.

It would be great to get Ironmonger history for families from other parts of England or descendants in other parts of the world and eventually I hope to find family connections.

Good luck with your research.

23 April 2017
by Wendy Lee Stewart Wallo
RE: Thankyou

I am an Ironmonger. The information was gotten from a book that was published just after my birth in 1961 on Ironmonger.
21 August 2014
by tonysant008@yahoo.co.uk
RE: Thankyou

I am decended from a whole line of IREMONGER.IRONMONGERS from all over LINCOLNSHIRE and am still trying to sort who is who. Certainly I go back into the early 18C. around NORTH and SOUTH COCKINGTON ST MARY and ST LEONARD. LINCS. I have links to THORPE/PIMPERNELL/KIRKHAM/SIDDAY/SIDDAY/POCKLINGTON (Windmillers)BROWNSWORTH/BROWNSWORD/BROWNSMITH and DANDY.
Is there any body out there?.
16 June 2011
by John Ironmonger
RE: Thankyou

I have done some research on variations of the family name Ironmonger but not a lot.

Iremonger seems the most common documented variation but at this time I have no evidence of others. It would not surprise me at all if Ironman is connected but at this time I have not done any research in that area.
8 June 2011
by Iben Ironman Nielsen
RE: Thankyou

I am from Denmark and I am looking for information about my English ancestors. My grandfather doesn't know much about the family -unfortunately. So I am searching a bit on my own. When I was searching I discovered that "Ironman" could be a spelling variation of "Ironmonger". Do you know anything about that?
I thought or hoped that somebody might have contacted you with the same question as I know that there are som "Ironmans" in the USA.
Regards Iben

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