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Hilary IRONMONGER 1928 - 2018
David Arthur IRONMONGER 1930 - 2013
Birth: 20 April 1930 - Busselton, Western Australia, Australia   Ref
Occupation: 1957 - Truck Driver, Karridale, Western Australia, Australia
Marriage: 7 November 1957 - to  Private   Perth. Western Australia. Australia   Ref
Occupation: 1960 - Beef Farmer, Karridale, Western Australia, Australia
Occupation: 1983 - Truck Driver, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Residence: 1983 - Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Death: 18 October 2013 - Mt Lawley, Western Australia, Australia   Ref
Burial: 29 October 2013 - Margaret River Cemetery, Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia   Ref
David Arthur Ironmonger Circa 1953. About to party. David Arthur Ironmonger Circa 1953. About to party.
David went to school at Yongerilup near Busselton, Western Australia. He got the Nickname "Hitlar" at school because he had the same birthday. David left school at 13 to work on the family farm during WW II.

Like most youngsters during this period David's life was busy and hard in some ways. He had to milk cows by hand before and after school each day. Transport in the area at the time was by foot, bicycle, if you could afford one and horse.

David moved to Karridale, Western Australia, in January 1946 with his father who had returned from Singapore after WWII. David and his father moved away from the rest of the family in Busselton and this family split would be something that helped shape David's views on family for the rest of his life.

David began the move away from his fathers farm in the late 50s and drove trucks for 9 years from 1957 to 1966 carting mostly livestock in the South West of Western Australia. During these truck driving years he started his own farm in Karridale, got married and started a family.

David was a keen sportsman and played Australian football for Karridale and the local association teams from 1948 to 1965. He did spent a little time training at East Fremantle Football Club. One of his football highlights was being part of the Augusta-Margaret River Association team the won the 1957 South West Carnival.

After the truck driving years David worked as a contractor, building farm fences, hay making, wood cutting and milking cows for other farmers and almost anything else he could convince people to pay him to do as well as running his own farm.

To day the farm David started has been passed onto new owners and is mostly planted in grapes. There is one small winery on the farm.

David and his wife moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1983 and David went back to truck driving, working with his brother driving a road train between Perth and Darwin for four years. They did a return trip between Perth and Darwin every two weeks for four years. About 12,000 km per trip with all the loading, unloading and shunting trailers. That's about 300,000 km per year.

He then worked as a laborer with his son Gary, building houses for 4 years in and around Perth. He has said this was a very enjoyable time in his life as he got to spend time with Gary and get to know him very well.

David then worked as the yard foreman at Steggles, a chicken processing plant in Perth and retired 1999.

David and his wife then took on the project of renovating their home in Mt Lawley in Perth and after this was completed in the early 2000s he had some peaceful years living in the house, travelling around Western Australia with his wife in their caravan and touring internationally to the UK, USA and Turkey.
David Arthur Ironmonger Birth Certificate David Arthur Ironmonger Birth Certificate

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hiddenImage1107 Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954) Thu 15 Feb 1951 Page 7 MUTUAL HELP FARMER TO FARMER
David Arthur Ironmonger on the family farm in 1960. David Arthur Ironmonger on the family farm in 1960.
Charles and David Ironmonger 1982 Charles and David Ironmonger 1982
David Ironmonger 2008 David Ironmonger 2008
Headstone David Arthur Ironmonger Headstone David Arthur Ironmonger
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